Tuesday, January 28, 2014

7 Sweet Months

It's hard to believe...I've been a Mommy for 7 months. Jackson is such a good baby...and FINALLY starting to sleep through the night. Like he slept 10 hours last night. I've been trying to get him to sleep through the night, and taking longer to go in and get him at night. I won't get out of bed unless he is screaming. And he's recently discovered that if he wakes up during the night and pops his thumb in his mouth he can fall back to sleep on his own. I have been sleeping so good lately! Which, consequently, means that I am so much more productive during the day because I actually have energy. I'd forgotten what it felt like to sleep in bed all night long, instead of spending at least part of the night sleeping in my rocking chair.

He has started to really love sucking his thumb. Half the time, I'm trying to feed him and he'll stop eating and stick his thumb in his mouth. Crazy kid :) He can get to any toy he wants...so long as it is within an arm's reach radius. He can scoot around in circles all day, but forget about going forward or backward. The kid is just too lazy to try to figure that out yet. (Granted, he doesn't have that big of a play area, so most of his toys are always in his reach anyway).

He loves sitting in his high chair and playing with his toys while I cook dinner or wash dishes (most of the time, anyway). There are a few toys that I keep with his high chair, so he only gets those when he's sitting there waiting, and he starts reaching for them before he is even buckled in. He also loves eating. He isn't a huge fan of green peas, but anything else he just scarfs down! We've started him on meats as well. He's now eating solids 3 times a day, and love gobbling up whatever we feed him. Last night after he ate his dinner, he got fussy sitting while Jeff and I ate, so I pulled him out and held him on my lap. He kept reaching for my dinner, so I gave him a few tiny bites of my potato, and let him drink water out of Mommy's cup. He thought that was pretty awesome.

We took Jackson's swing apart on Sunday. He hasn't used in in several weeks, and it was just taking up space. It is so nice having that extra space behind our door. We can move around when we come inside now! He has almost outgrown his infant car seat as well. We went shopping on Saturday so I could look at different seats. Now I just need to research which seat I want to buy for him, then we'll go get it and get his other seat out of our house too. Granted, it is convenient to be able to put him in his seat in the house, but it will be better for him too, because he loves being in the car.

Jeff was able to get an internship at KSL News Radio! He applied several months ago, so when he got a call asking him to go in for an interview we were very surprised. But he is loving it, and getting a bit of experience that will hopefully work to his benefit as he is beginning to look for a job. He has just 3 more months until graduation, and we're hoping he can quickly find a job working in Communications shortly thereafter.

I'm still hanging out at home, having fun with my sweet boy. I've been participating in KSL Studio 5's 10 Pound Challenge. It has gotten me up and exercising each morning. I don't know that I will be down the whole 10 pounds by the time it ends next week, but so far I am down 6 1/2 pounds and I am feeling so great. And regardless of whether or not I do achieve the goal of 10 pounds in a month, I am going strong at a new habit of daily exercise and eating better. If I can have all of my baby weight off by my birthday (a total of about 20 pounds) I will be feeling great, and I've got another 5 months for that. Easy peasy! It is also good for Jackson to see Mommy exercising every day so he can grow up seeing how important it is to stay fit. I can't wait for it to get nice outside so we can go outside and exercise every day. I think I'll try to get a jogging stroller this spring so we can go out for a jog with Jeff in the evenings too.

Life is good. We are happy.

Jackson playing with the caterpillar Grandpa made him for Christmas