Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New School Year

School is in full swing for Jeff, and I've spent all this week at school trying to get my classroom ready. Emphasis on trying. But more on that in a minute.

This semester Jeff is taking Trig and Physics, therefore is spending a lot of time doing homework. Which kind of stinks, because then I get to spend my nights sitting quietly as he works away. But I do appreciate his hard work and dedication, so I won't complain. (Funny thing is...on his first day of school I commented that I felt like I wasn't ever going to see him, and then 2 nights later I got into my classroom and have been working late almost every day since :S)

As for my classroom, I'll post pictures when it gets put together. Yes, school starts in 5 days. And yes, there is a weekend...a long weekend...thrown in there. But it's not my fault. I've done absolutely everything that I can. You see, it's kind of hard to put your classroom together when several of the things on the "Before School Checklist" require having desks in the classroom and your desks are somewhere between here and Timbuktu.  No one, not even the lady in charge of furniture for the school, knows exactly where they are. You see, to save money (because there are more important things like textbooks that we prefer to spend large amounts of money on--kids can learn with old desks, but they need textbooks and workbooks), we get desks from schools that are being closed all over the country and then have to wait for them to be brought here and cleaned. Mine haven't arrived yet. When I walked down to the breakroom to eat my lunch today, there was a large pile of desks in the foyer and I got really excited. I shouldn't have though. Because it just led to frustration and tears when I walked back into my classroom after a meeting to find that they weren't in there. There are only 2 more work days before the start of school. And I've all but given up on the fact that I won't have desks in my room. Which will mean a really late night getting them put together when they do get here and a class that will be harder to control and much harder to teach because they will be sitting on the floor rather than in desks.

But, on the bright side, wouldn't it be a great story to tell how my first year teaching I didn't have desks to start the school year?

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Our honeymoon in pictures

We started out in Las Vegas and went to a session in the beautiful temple

Then we drove to sunny southern California

And went to the beach

And watched the sunset

Walked along the beach together

And enjoyed the beautiful evening

Then we went to Disneyland and California Adventure

Rode lots of rides

Took our picture with the man who started it all

Met Minnie

And Mickey

 And Pluto.

Went to Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Waited in lots of lines

Took some silly pictures

 Watched the World of Color show

Enjoyed the different view of Disneyland at night

And went back for day 2 when we rode Dumbo

And Splash Mountain

And went to Radiator Springs

Ate snacks while we waited in line

Waited in more lines

Created our own hidden Mickeys

Took more pictures

Cooled down on a 3rd ride of the day on Splash Mountain

Met Goofy

And took our own private Honeymoon cruise on Story Book Canal Boats and It's a Small World.
When they saw our "Just Married" buttons at the Storybook Canal Boats, they gave us a candle with Cinderella's Slipper on it and some "champagne" (actually bubbles in champagne shaped containers because it's Disneyland)

On our last day, we paid one last visit to Radiator Springs

Rode Mickey's Fun Wheel

And California Screamin'

And Heimlich's Chew Chew Train

And Tower of Terror

Met Donald

And Dale

And Chip

And passed through Grizzly Rapids

On our way home we went to the Newport Beach Temple

Then made the very long trek home.

We had a great time on our honeymoon, and now it is back to real life and work and such on Monday. It was a lot of fun being able to spend time together, completely unfocused on things at home, but rather enjoying carefree time together.