Monday, March 18, 2013

As of late

The Lord really is watching out for us and blessing us as we are waiting for our precious little boy to join us. Only 3 more months now until he is due. He is so active and I love feeling him move and kick every day. I often find myself talking to him and rubbing my belly to see if he'll respond. I think it is such a miracle to be able to have this little life growing inside of me. Jeff is excited as well. Last week during lunch, he texted me that he'd gone and bought the crib during his break from work. I had picked it out so I'm happy with the one he got. I thought it was so adorable that he is so excited for our little Jackson to join us.

We have also been very blessed in finding a new apartment. We will actually be managing a small complex down in Sandy. It will be a bit of work keeping up the grounds, especially this winter, but our rent will be less. This will allow me to be able to stay home. I still want to find something to supplement our income so that we can continue to put money into savings for emergencies and so we can build up our food storage. We are moving at the end of the month--less than 2 weeks away now. That has me somewhat stressed because we're trying to get everything packed and ready to go, and with us both working full-time and Jeff in school that isn't going to be easy. However, we will still have our current apartment through May so we'll have a bit of time to get things done. I just want to try to get it all done that last Saturday so I can spend my spring break putting things away and getting organized so I know where things are. But again, I'll be able to put things away, unlike if we'd moved when our lease is up and I was just weeks away from having the baby and not feeling up to putting things away.

24 weeks