Saturday, April 20, 2013

Another Goodbye

Just 7 1/2 months ago, we said goodbye to my Grandpa Thompson. Last night, just before 11:00 I got a call from mom telling me that Grandma has now passed to the other side of the veil as well. We have known it was coming. Her health took a drastic turn for the worse after Grandpa died. When we were in Idaho last month for Lance's play, she was hospitalized and when I said goodbye before leaving that day, I knew it would be the last time I saw her in this life. I'd felt the same way with Grandpa before he died. Mom told me she is now at peace, something that I completely believe.

Mom told me yesterday that she would be gone by the end of the weekend. Her oxygen levels were way too low and her heart was beating way too fast. And she hadn't had anything to eat or drink in a few days. Jeff and I went to the temple last night. The Spirit was so strong as I thought of the reunions she would have when she did go. She had a stillborn son. She lost her first husband and another son in an accident over 50 years ago. Her parents and siblings. Many friends. I was almost positive that when we left the temple, I was going to have had a call saying that she was gone because of the strong feelings that I had.

But, even though it wasn't a surprise that she was going to be passing to the other side, answering that phone call wasn't easy. It was anything but. I laid in bed in Jeff's arms and cried after I hung up with my mom. I had so hoped that she would be able to meet little Jackson when he is born. I wanted him to meet his Great-Grandma Thompson. But at least I am at a point where I still feel like traveling to Idaho for the funeral--even if I do have to ask Jeff to stop frequently so I can make a potty run.

Yes, she will be missed, but she leaves a great legacy and many people who will carry on her memory. How grateful I am for the Plan of Salvation and the knowledge that I will be able to see her again.