Sunday, April 27, 2014

Chasing Baby Jack

10 months have passed since our sweet Baby Jack joined our family. So much has happened this month. He is crazy active and into absolutely EVERYTHING.

This month he has discovered how to do so many new things. He is so proud of himself when he accomplishes something new. It is evident in the way he looks at you and squeals.

Jackson got the okay when it comes to eating pretty much anything, except the typical things babies have to enjoy. His first meal was spaghetti. We stripped him down to his diaper and he went to town. He was still working at getting food from his tray to his mouth and half of it ended up in his high chair, but it was so fun watching him get it all over his face. He is so adorable when he eats. He is not picky, and eats almost anything we put in front of him.

He finally figured out how to crawl, and once he figured it out he was off! He started crawling one day and decided that it is so much more effective to get around on all fours instead of scooting everywhere, and stopped his army crawl almost immediately. If we don't want him to completely run away, we put one of our dining room chairs blocking the exit to the living room, and have a gate as a constant attachment in our hallway. He still finds everything he isn't supposed to have, and more, now that he can get around to places where he wasn't able before.

He also figured out how to pull himself up to standing. He loves to reach up and pound on my piano bench, and it didn't take him much longer to figure out that he can reach the keys on my piano and he loves to play me songs. He pulls himself up in his crib and greets me with a big smile in the mornings and after his naps (or a sad face with great big alligator tears, depending on the day). If he wants up he crawls over and pulls himself up by our legs.

Jackson recently figured out that he likes to walk, with help of course. He holds onto our fingers and goes goes goes. He is seriously like the Energizer Bunny! I think he likes the new vantage point he has being up a little higher.

The past couple of days he has figured out how to clap his hands. He loves the attention it brings. He also figured out how to growl. Yesterday Uncle Lance was holding him by just his legs, with his feet in the air, and bum down. He got a really frustrated look on his face, and let out a big frustrated growl. It was so funny :)

The Easter Bunny made a visit to Jackson last weekend. He brought him bubbles, a new suit, another shirt, a couple of books, and a big red ball. He loves chasing it around the room :). The Easter Bunny also visited Grandma and Grandpa Pond, and he got an outfit, bubbles, num-nums, and $4. Grandma and Grandpa Good also got him a book and a Mickey Mouse umbrella stroller so I don't have to lug out the big one every time I want to take a simple walk around the neighborhood. I can keep this one in the house and have it handy.

This month Jackson also got really sick for the first time. The first time, he was running a fever, and threw up once. Then a week later, he again ran a fever (this time it got high enough to scare me) and threw up a couple of times. The poor little boy felt so awful. He just wanted to cuddle--something he never wants to do anymore. He and I stayed home on Easter Sunday because he was so sick. We'd had him at the doctor Saturday night because of his fever. It was just a stomach bug that has been going around. He is still a little congested, but doing better. His appetite still needs some work though. He nurses all right, but doesn't want much in the way of food yet, where before he got sick he was so much more interested in real food than milk.

Jackson is the light of our life. He brings so much happiness. All of the late nights are totally worth it. He keeps me busy chasing after him, making sure he doesn't put anything in his mouth that he can choke on that I didn't see. He likes to explore his surroundings, and seems to learn new things each day.

As for Jeff and I, we are doing well. We are happy, and feel so blessed.

While I miss teaching, I love being able to stay at home with Jackson. I was able to sub for 2 days a couple weeks ago, and I loved being back in the classroom and seeing all of my students from last year. And seeing the way that he clung to me when I picked him up after the second day, I know that it is definitely better for him that I stay home. It makes me so happy to be able to see him discover new things and be here to help him and teach him and comfort him, and get the few cuddles that he is willing to give. It makes me happy to be able to take care of the house (or try to, because chasing an active baby doesn't lend well to getting things done). I love being here when Jeff gets home each day, and having meals prepared for us to eat. Jackson and I enjoy going on walks when the weather is nice. I plan on spending lots of time at the park and zoo this summer.

Jeff only has ONE more final left until he gets his Bachelor's degree in Communications from the U! We are so excited! Graduation is this coming weekend. He is in the process of interviewing for jobs now, so he can hopefully get something in his field. I am so proud of him. He has worked so hard for the past year, with school and work and an internship. He has been willing to sacrifice so I can stay home with our little boy.  He also celebrated a birthday this past month and turned the big 3-0. He's getting to be an old man ;) I am so grateful to be his wife and that he always makes me feel so special.