Saturday, May 18, 2013

Preparing for Baby

With only a month to go until our precious one is due, I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed. I have 17 teaching days left, and now only 30 days until that day marked with a star on the calendar, the day that the doctors say our little one could be here. But I am done with work a short 3 days before that day marked with a star. Jeff and I have been busily getting things ready here at home for his arrival. I still need to take pictures of our new apartment, and especially the waiting nursery, but I always have things I need to straiten up or put away when I think about it, or just plain have no energy to be able to get off the couch to find my camera. And we have a few more pictures to hang on the wall of little Jackson's room too.

Jeff has been kept busy with little projects putting things together. The crib is set up and ready to go. The playpen/ bassinet that will be in our room is sitting in it's case under our bed, ready to set up when we bring our little one home from the hospital. My rocking chair is set up in the corner of the nursery all ready for all the time I will spend sitting there feeding our little boy. The stroller is set up and the carseat base is installed in my car. The swing is set in the corner of the kitchen where I will be able to keep an eye on baby as I make dinner or do the dishes. There are cases of diapers stacked neatly on the floor of the closet and the changing table is all ready with baby changing gear. The clothes are hung in the closet and onesies and blankies are waiting in the dresser.

Jackson's bag is all packed for the hospital...then again all he needs is a coming home outfit (I've got 2 choices, one in a newborn size and one in a 0-3 month size, just in case and some socks and adorable little shoes) and a blankie. Though I also threw in a nursing cover up and burp cloths that Grandma made him. I've started packing my bag with a few little things, and I plan to finish what I can this weekend, with a list of exactly what else we'll need to grab as we run out the door for the hospital (cell phones and chargers, iPods with labor music, wallets, etc.) We also need to pack some food for my poor husband, because there is very little chance that I'll let him leave my side long enough to go find something to eat while I'm in labor. :)

I am definitely feeling pregnant. Jeff has painted my toenails the past two times I've done it. He's also being good and washing the dishes when we get a big pile, because the counter hits my belly right where it makes things difficult. Rolling over in bed at night is getting to be a joke. More than once I've woken him up yelling out in pain from a killer charlie horse in my leg. He also misses me cuddling into him at night, but it is just too uncomfortable to not have my body pillow under my belly and therefore between us in bed when I'm facing him. The kicks and jabs coming from my belly are very distinct now. And I can often feel that little head resting on my hip bones or a little bum or foot wedged under my ribs. I smile every time I look down and see my belly moving because he is moving. And it always makes me giggle to feel the hiccups coming from Jackson. He may not enjoy it too much, but I find it hilarious. I do feel blessed though...other than riding in the car up to Grandma's funeral in Idaho, my feet really haven't swollen up.

We are starting to feel very nervous. This is, after all, a huge life change for us. Here we are, less than a year into marriage, and we're going to be parents. It wasn't necessarily planned out to be this way, but we know that the timing is right and that little Jackson was ready to come to this earth. We are grateful that we were chosen to be his parents, and pray that we will be able to take care of him and raise him in the best way possible. We are trying to prepare ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. But, when it all comes down to it, I don't know if we'll feel ready even when that first contraction hits, or when we hold him for the first time, or when we bring him home, or even with he turns 1 or 10 or 20. But we are grateful that this precious little baby is supposed to come to our family and we are excited to welcome him with loving arms.

Pictures coming soon as I find energy to clean my apartment and get off the couch to get my camera :)